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Twin Peaks: A Slice of Lynch

  • 8 10
  • 2007
  • Nonemin
Twin Peaks: A Slice of Lynch
  • Original Title: Twin Peaks: A Slice of Lynch

The first extensive extra in the 10-disc set, "A Slice of Lynch" finds David Lynch sitting down for coffee and cherry pie with Kyle Maclachlan, Madchen Amick and post-production supervisor John Wentworth to discuss all things Twin Peaks. It's a strange, decidedly eccentric roundtable, with a bemused Maclachlan, Amick and Wentworth grinning at Lynch as if he's from descended from another planet. Awkward opening minutes aside, though, there are a lot of great little details and anecdotes to be garnered from the hour-long chat, especially once Lynch starts asking questions and allowing the trio across the bar to do the talking. Many of his questions are straight out of left field, mind you, but there's a charming weirdness to the conversation that cleverly evokes the tone of the series. Note: a 30-minute version of "A Slice of Lynch" was released in 2007. This cut is notably longer.

Twin Peaks: A Slice of Lynch

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