Trading Cities

  • 7.5 10
  • 2014
  • 138min
Trading Cities
  • Original Title: As Cidades e as Trocas (2014)

This documentary makes us travel through the route of the sand that will feed Cape Verde's hunger for new hotels and resorts. An essay about the physical and social transformation of an Island.

Trading Cities

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Trading Cities. The journey of the sand to Cape Verde

In 2008, the growing tourism industry of Cape Verde was frozen. The building of many hotels and resorts by foreigner companies had to be stopped due to a shortage of sand. 

The sand industry, primary resource for the production of concrete, had reached a dramatic level, endangering the beaches. This event caused a huge euphoria among the businessmen of Mauritania. 

A great number of trucks started to flow to the Nouakchott port, where many boats sail out to feed the tourist constructions in Cape Verde. Trading Cities starts in Lisbon on a cargo ship. 

We will undertake an Atlantic route that re-enacts these daily travels, in order to highlight the physical and social transformations in the landscape that these exchanges produce.

Pedro Pinho
Pedro Pinho Director
Luisa Homem
Luisa Homem Director

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