The Work Of Days

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  • 2015
  • 105min
The Work Of Days
  • Original Title: The Work of Director Michel Gondry (2003)

Filmed over two years, this film documents life inside the studio of three artists and how the death of one of them opens a space for reflection and creation.

The Work Of Days

AWARDS: Best Documentary given by the Student Jury. Rencontres Internationales du documentaires de Montréal/

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Cinéma Du Réel/ Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois

The Work Of Days. A documentary about friendship and art 

Three artists - Louis-Pierre Bougie, François-Xavier Marange and Denis Saint-Pierre - share a studio for over thirty years when the illness and the death of one of them leads to a meditation about work and time passing. 

A film about friendship and those we love, about the legacy we leave behind and what we take with us at the end. A film about life, and about death – that shows us life. A film about time that makes us what we are.

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