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The Story of Sealab III

  • 7 10
  • 1971
  • 30min
The Story of Sealab III
  • Original Title: The Story of Sealab III

What would it be like to live underwater for an extended period of time? This iconic US Navy institutional film is a thorough documentation of the famous Sealab III experiment.

The Story of Sealab III

The Story of Sealab III. The ultimate underwater habitation Experiment

This documentary can be catalogued as one of those archives treasures. Conceived as an institutional film, produced by the communications department of the US Navy, this film conveys the inexhaustible thirst for knowledge that humans have about the environment in which they move.

In order to investigate the endurance of human beings living for long periods of time in underwater isolation, the famous Sealab I, II, III series of experiments, carried out in the sixties, contributed with their findings to the science of deep sea diving.

Production Companies

U.S. Naval Photographic Center

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