The Silence of the Banana Trees

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  • 2022
  • 24min
The Silence of the Banana Trees
  • Original Title: Тиша бананових дерев

A father reminisces about cherished times with his ill, estranged daughter, hoping for a reconciliation.

The Silence of the Banana Trees

AWARDS: Special Jury. Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival

The Silence of the Banana Trees - A father finds solace in memories of his ill daughter

in this insightful documentary, a father seeks comfort in the memories he created with his daughter, who has distanced herself due to illness. Estranged for years, he clings to their last moments together, finding refuge in the warmth of those shared experiences.

The film delicately explores their strained relationship, encouraging his daughter to reconsider her decision and possibly reunite with her father.

Eneos Carka
Eneos Carka Director

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Eneos Carka

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