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The Last Macedonian

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  • 2015
  • Nonemin
The Last Macedonian
  • Original Title: Последниот Македонец - Патот до истребување

This is a documentary film about the land and people which will never restore their power of the past. A story about negations and many historical moments are enveloped in the veil of secret. Through the modern personalities and archives "The Last Macedonian from Macedonia" approaches to the truth revealing the never spoken moments and linking the past, present, but also the future. The film was shot on locations in Bitola and its surroundings.

The Last Macedonian
  • Macedonian
  • Country: Macedonia
  • Original Title: Последниот Македонец - Патот до истребување
Mitko Apostolovski
Mitko Apostolovski Grandfather
Zarko Dimoski
Zarko Dimoski Pere Tošev
Petar Gorko
Petar Gorko Mitre Vaskov
Gjorgji Jolevski
Gjorgji Jolevski Gjorce Petrov , Gjorče Petrov
Krste Jovanovski
Krste Jovanovski Gen. Atanackovik
Slaviša Kajevski
Slaviša Kajevski Pavel Kirov
Saško Kocev
Saško Kocev Jovan Babunski
Zoran Ljutkov
Zoran Ljutkov Kote from Rulja
Rubens Muratovski
Rubens Muratovski Jane Sandanski
Nenad Nacev
Nenad Nacev Germanos Karavangelis
Aleksandar Stepanuleski
Aleksandar Stepanuleski Hristo Chernopeev
Gjorgi Todorovski
Gjorgi Todorovski Todor Panica
Jordan Vitanov
Jordan Vitanov Vangel Georgiev / Evangelos Natsis Georgiou

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