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The (Dead Mothers) Club

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 71min
The (Dead Mothers) Club
  • Original Title: The (Dead Mothers) Club

Unleash the transformative power of hope as three courageous women share their raw and deeply personal stories of growing up without their mothers, revealing their resilience and strength.

The (Dead Mothers) Club

The (Dead Mothers) Club: A Tale of Three Daughters

Embark on an emotional and transformative journey in this documentary that follows the powerful stories of three courageous women who lost their mothers during childhood. Delve into their personal experiences as they recount their unique challenges and how growing up without their mothers has shaped their lives. With unflinching honesty and vulnerability, they bravely share the universal emotions of grief, resilience, and hope that have defined their journeys, leaving a lasting impression on the power of the human spirit

Katie Green
Katie Green Director
Carlye Rubin
Carlye Rubin Director

Production Companies

Smoke & Apple Films

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