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The Codes of Gender

  • 10 10
  • 2010
  • Nonemin
The Codes of Gender
  • Original Title: The Codes of Gender

Arguing that advertising not only sells things, but also ideas about the world, media scholar Sut Jhally offers a blistering analysis of commercial culture's inability to let go of reactionary gender representations. Jhally's starting point is the breakthrough work of the late sociologist Erving Goffman, whose 1959 book The Presentation of the Self in Everyday Life prefigured the growing field of performance studies. Jhally applies Goffman's analysis of the body in print advertising to hundreds of print ads today, uncovering an astonishing pattern of regressive and destructive gender codes. By looking beyond advertising as a medium that simply sells products, and beyond analyses of gender that tend to focus on either biology or objectification, The Codes of Gender offers important insights into the social construction of masculinity and femininity, the relationship between gender and power, and the everyday performance of cultural norms.

The Codes of Gender
Sut Jhally
Sut Jhally Writer, Director...
Andrew Killoy
Andrew Killoy Recording Supervision, Editor
Aaron Vega
Aaron Vega Editor
Andrew Killoy
Andrew Killoy Animation
Jeremy Earp
Jeremy Earp Script Coordinator
Loretta Alper
Loretta Alper Information Systems Manager
Shannon McKenna
Shannon McKenna Imaging Science
Shannon McKenna
Shannon McKenna Imaging Science
Rikk Desgres
Rikk Desgres Sound Engineer
David Rabinovitz
David Rabinovitz Camera Operator
Scott Morris
Scott Morris Information Systems Manager
Sut Jhally
Sut Jhally Himself

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