The Black Flag

  • 9.5 10
  • 2015
  • 62min
The Black Flag
  • Original Title: La bandera negra (1956)

With direct access from the inside of the war against ISIS, this documentary follows two leaders of a group of Shiite volunteers trying to regain control of an enemy zone in Iraq.

The Black Flag

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The black flag. From within the war against ISIS

In the frontlines of the war against ISIS, Seyyed Ahmad and Seyyed Jafar lead a group of Shia volunteer fighters in action at the battle for Jorf al-Sakhar, 60 km southwest of Baghdad. 

These under-equipped but determined volunteers manage to liberate in two days of intense fighting an area that the American forces had all but conceded to Al-Qaeda for over a decade. 

Majed Neisi
Majed Neisi Director

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Majed Neisi

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