• 9 10
  • 2016
  • 105min
  • Original Title: Tempestad

In Mexico, Miriam, wrongfully imprisoned, and Adela, a circus worker searching for her missing daughter, navigate the harrowing landscapes of violence and impunity.


AWARDS: Nominated for best Latin American film. Goya Awards/ Best Documentary. Ariel Awards/ Best documentary. Fénix Awards/ Special Mention from the Jury. Documenta Madrid/ First Prize. Morelia Festival


Tempestad - Justice, Resilience, Bonding, Search

Amidst the backdrop of a Mexico rife with violence and impunity, two women find their paths entwined by fate and shared pain. Miriam, unjustly incarcerated for human trafficking, endures the weight of a crime she didn't commit. Parallelly, Adela, a dedicated circus worker, tirelessly searches every corner for her daughter who vanished without a trace two years prior. As their journeys overlap, the two women bond over their ordeals, supporting each other in their quests for justice and closure. Their intertwined tales shed light on the broader issues of systemic injustice and the human cost of societal negligence.

Tatiana Huezo
Tatiana Huezo Director

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Tatiana Huezo

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