Taste Of Hope

  • 9.5 10
  • 2019
  • 70min
Taste Of Hope
  • Original Title: Taste Of Hope

Over the course of two years, this documentary follows a group of workers in the south of France in the biggest challenge of their lives: to run a tea processing and packaging plant collectively.

Taste Of Hope

AWARDS: Prix du Jury SSA/SUISSIMAGE for the Most Innovative Swiss Feature Film. Visions Du Reel

Taste Of Hope. A cooperative enterprise vs. reality

After being awarded by the French justice system the management of the company they worked for years, the workers of a Fralib tea processing and packaging plant in the south of France are just beginning the biggest battle of their lives.

Director Laura Coppens documents over the course of two years the efforts of these workers to keep the plant running. Can the collectivist ideal coexist with a globalized capitalist economy?

Laura Coppens
Laura Coppens Director

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