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Smashing Pumpkins: Vieuphoria

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  • 1994
  • Nonemin
Smashing Pumpkins: Vieuphoria
  • Original Title: Smashing Pumpkins: Vieuphoria

Vieuphoria is a long form music video by The Smashing Pumpkins originally released on VHS on October 4, 1994 and DVD on November 26, 2002. It was certified Gold by the RIAA in late 1996. The video consists of various Smashing Pumpkins performances, mostly from the Siamese Dream tour, interspersed with comedy bits (including "Meet the Frogs"), interviews, featurettes, and other short videos.

Smashing Pumpkins: Vieuphoria
Devin Sarno
Devin Sarno Executive Producer
Billy Corgan
Billy Corgan Himself
James Iha
James Iha Himself
Butch Vig
Butch Vig Himself

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