• 9 10
  • 2018
  • 79min

With a grainy and visceral look, this documentary follows the irreverent Jay Wade, a steamfitter in New York who has a strong passion for music. The documentary was shot with an analog hi8 camera and an iPhone.



Shotgun. A biopic at point-blank range

A lo-fi cinéma vérité portrait of Jay Wade, a New York City steamfitter from El Paso with a mysterious past and an insatiable passion for music and numbers. 

Shot on analog hi8 tape and Jay's own iPhone, the film provides a direct experience into Jay's life, full of rough textures, dark humor, and endless non-sequiturs. 

The film follows him inside the skeletal infrastructures of skyscrapers, ride along to record a song in Nashville at Third Man Records, enter his private creative sanctuaries, and examine the many unique artifacts he's collected throughout his journeys.

Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson Director

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