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Sensitive: The Untold Story

  • 9.5 10
  • 2015
  • 63min
Sensitive: The Untold Story
  • Original Title: Sensitive: The Untold Story

Based on the scientific discovery of best-selling author Dr. Elaine Aron this documentary sheds light on the innate trait of high sensitivity found in 20% of the world population.

Sensitive: The Untold Story

Sensitive: The Untold Story

After publishing her book "The Highly Sensitive Person", Dr. Elaine Aron marked a scientific milestone by sharing the discovery of a condition that is shared by at least 20% of the world's population: the temperament trait of high sensitivity.

The highly sensitive people are able to digest information and process the subtleties of the impulses of the world around them in a more complete and intense way. The documentary explores the knowledge that these people can bring to the rest of humans and how their condition has affected their social life.

Will Harper
Will Harper Director

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