Seeds: Black Women in Power

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 105min
Seeds: Black Women in Power
  • Original Title: Sementes: Mulheres Pretas No Poder

In response to the assassination of a black women's rights activist in Brazil, a group of women massively turn out for the parliamentary elections in Rio de Janeiro. This is their story of resistance.

Seeds: Black Women in Power

AWARDS: Montreal International Black Film Festival

Seeds: Black Women in Power

In response to the execution of Marielle Franco, the 2018 elections became the biggest political uprising led by black women that Brazil has ever seen, with candidates running in every state. 

In Rio de Janeiro, Mônica Francisco, Rose Cipriano, Renata Souza, Jaqueline de Jesus, Tainá de Paula, and Talíria Petrone ran for state or federal deputies. The documentary follows these women in their campaigns, showing that it is possible to have a new way of doing politics in Brazil, transforming mourning into struggle.

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