Rota N Roll

  • 9.3 10
  • 2017
  • 74min
Rota N Roll
  • Original Title: Rota N Roll

Funny, musical, lighthearted. This historical documentary tells the incredible story of how a small port town in Spain was completely changed by the landing of 8,000 Americans during Franco's dictatorship.

Rota N Roll

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Malaga International Film Festival/ Huelva Iberoamerican Film Festival

Rota N Roll. The Americans in Spain

In the middle of the 20th century, Rota was a small fishing and farming town in the Spanish province of Cadiz where one day 8,000 Americans disembarked and, like Rock 'n' Roll, they came to stay. 

They built the largest military base on European soil, fishing and agriculture ended and in Rota, everything began to be different from the rest of the country, which at that time lived under the yoke of Franco's dictatorship. 

The missiles arrived but also the dollars, the Levi ́s, the Marlboro, the Harleys, the Rock and Blues, and the love stories between Americans and locals.

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