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  • 0 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
  • Original Title: Rockpile

The rural Missouri community of Weldon Spring is home to a nature preserve, a high school, and a dark past. While most of its residents have little interest in their town’s shadowy history, retired teacher Tom Whelan refuses to let the old stories fade from memory. As Tom takes us on a tour of the area, we meet Dylan Busken, a high school sophomore who lives a few miles from a looming structure known as the Rockpile. Spurred by talk of toxic water and elevated cancer rates, Dylan sets out to learn more about the Rockpile’s origins. While they dig for the buried secrets of their hometown, they also shed light on the dynamic between fact and folklore in small town USA.

Kyle Pyatt
Kyle Pyatt Director, Editor...
Robert Greene
Robert Greene Producer
Evan Pagano
Evan Pagano Camera Operator
Stacey Woelfel
Stacey Woelfel Producer
Blake Beck
Blake Beck Camera Operator
Douglas Osmun
Douglas Osmun Music Director
Dylan Busken
Dylan Busken Himself
Doug Busken
Doug Busken Himself
Paula Busken
Paula Busken Herself

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