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Rockin' Cuba

  • 0 10
  • 2013
  • Nonemin
Rockin' Cuba
  • Original Title: Rockin' Cuba

A trip through music and rock climbing, the movie follows the exploration of the valley of Viñales in Cuba by six French climbers.

Rockin' Cuba
  • Country: France
  • Original Title: Rockin' Cuba
Julien Nadiras
Julien Nadiras Director
Vladimir Cellier
Vladimir Cellier Sound Director
Nina Caprez
Nina Caprez Nina Caprez
Cédric Lachat
Cédric Lachat Cédric Lachat
Mélissa Le Nevé
Mélissa Le Nevé Mélissa Le Nevé
Enzo Oddo
Enzo Oddo Enzo Oddo
Michael Fuselier
Michael Fuselier Mike Fuselier

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