Roaring Road

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  • 2019
  • 17min
Roaring Road
  • Original Title: Roaring Road (1926)

This short documentary follows the rock music producer Jia Qu in his challenge to promote the genre in the youth scene of the Chinese city of Nanjing.

Roaring Road

Roaring Road. The rock scene among the younger Chinese

Roaring Road is a short documentary featuring the underground rock & roll musicians in Nanjing, China. Jia Qu, a rock concert producer in his 30s, is active in promoting rock & roll in colleges. His passion for rock is not only challenged by the harsh political environment but also by his existential woe. In spite of the difficulties, Jia struggles to continue his cause. 

In Nanjing, many young rock musicians have been inspired by the concerts that Jia produced on campus. Xia Jin, a recent graduate from college, is one of them, and his rock & roll dream is confronted by reality. Meanwhile, the younger generation of rockers is emerging, facing the same problems that their predecessors have. Will their efforts in promoting rock n roll ever pay off?

Ruolin Xu
Ruolin Xu Director

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Ruolin Xu

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