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Revealing Ukraine

  • 9 10
  • 2019
  • 89min
Revealing Ukraine
  • Original Title: Revealing Ukraine (2019)

Starring Oliver Stone as the interviewer and president Putin as one of the interviewees, this pro-Russain propaganda film delves into the global implications of the current conflict in Ukraine.

Revealing Ukraine

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Revealing Ukraine

This documentary by Igor Lopatonok continues investigations on of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis following "Ukraine on Fire". In addition, it analyzes the current political backstage and its dangerous potential for the world.

* Instead of censoring this documentary at this critical and regrettable moment, when Russia's invasion of Ukraine is undermining the idea of respect, sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine, Europe, and the international community, we believe it is appropriate to show this point of view so that anyone interested in knowing the conflict in-depth can know the background, including the version that the Russian government of Vladimir Putin handles to undertake their crimes. it is our way to contribute to the access of information, the prevention of hate towards any nationality and the formation of people's own criteria.

Igor Lopatonok
Igor Lopatonok Director

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