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  • 2022
  • 87min
  • Original Title: Regresion

An Intimate Exploration of Life, Death, and Expanded Consciousness.


Regresion - Life, Death, Consciousness, Regressive Therapy

This documentary delves into the transcendental realms of existence, probing age-old questions surrounding life, death, consciousness, and their intricate interplay. The documentary showcases the healing potential of Regressive Therapy, a technique that empowers individuals to access expanded states of consciousness and reconnect with pivotal aspects of their existence, including experiences from purported past lives. Through the insights of Dr. Juan José López Martinez, a seasoned regressive therapist, and contributions from a cadre of academic and medical professionals, the film unveils a reality that transcends our understanding of death. As we journey through personal testimonials of those transformed by regressive therapy, the film invites us to reassess our perception of life, consciousness, and the very essence of existence.

Javier Selva
Javier Selva Director

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Audiovisuales Piramidal Estudio SL

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