Purple Sea

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 66min
Purple Sea
  • Original Title: Mor Deniz

In a surreal maritime disaster, a woman films and rages against the chaos, capturing moments to fend off despair.

Purple Sea

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Carthage Film Festival/ Open City Docs Fest/ New Horizons International Film Festival/ Montreal International Documentary Festival


Purple Sea - Filming chaos to survive

Amidst brilliant sunshine and calm seas, a woman films and narrates a chaotic scene where everything turns upside down. As the sea stands upright like a waterfall, the tranquility shatters into a rush of disorienting images: people in the boat and water, screams, life jackets, and emergency whistles.

With no horizon, sky, up, or down—only deepness and despair—time halts, contracting into the brutal present. She captures it all, speaking to herself, to him, to us. Her filming becomes a desperate act to fend off fatigue, cold, and hopelessness, clinging to life and leaving something behind.


Amel Alzakout
Amel Alzakout Director

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Pong Film

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