• 10 10
  • 2024
  • 56min

In the shadow of Chernobyl’s dark past, a young visionary named Igor beats against the radioactive echoes, staging a groundbreaking rave to transform a legacy of disaster into a hymn of rebirth.

Chillnobyl - A cultural quake at the epicenter of a nuclear shadow

Thirty-five years post-Chernobyl, the zone still hums with its radioactive past, but for Igor and his band of artistic rebels, it’s the perfect canvas for the ultimate transformation: a rave that will shift perceptions from nuclear wasteland to a beacon of new possibilities.

"Chillnobyl" pulses with Igor's journey to overwrite Soviet scars with electronic beats, battling the entangled vines of bureaucracy, corruption, and societal reluctance. As Igor’s dream lights up the exclusion zone, the film captures a vibrant clash between the ghosts of a rigid past and the lively pulse of a new era.


Production Companies

Maffick Moscow

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