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Pickpocket King

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  • 2011
  • Nonemin
Pickpocket King
  • Original Title: Pickpocket King

Bob Arno wows audiences with his pickpocketing show in Las Vegas. The self-proclaimed Pickpocket King, he says has never met a thief who can match his skills. Until now. Now, Bob takes us to Naples, Italy, which he calls "the pickpocketing capital of the world," to uncover some of the worlds best pickpockets. With his access well get an inside glance into how an international crew of pickpockets operates and well see if Bob really is the Pickpocket King!

Pickpocket King
  • Original Title: Pickpocket King
Kun Chang
Kun Chang Director
Bob Arnott
Bob Arnott Himself
Roger Tilling
Roger Tilling Narrator

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