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Overdose - Run for a Dream

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  • 2013
  • Nonemin
Overdose - Run for a Dream
  • Original Title: Overdose - Vágta egy álomért

As the carrier of a nation's hopes, there is a lot riding on Overdose. The successes of Hungary's premier racehorse have provided welcome relief from a decades-long legacy of fiscal austerity. But with Big Business cashing in on this symbol of optimism, the horse soon becomes a pawn in a game of egos and politics.

Overdose - Run for a Dream
Gábor Ferenczi
Gábor Ferenczi Writer, Director
Gül Togay
Gül Togay Writer, Creative Producer
Sándor Várkonyi
Sándor Várkonyi Director of photography
István Szőnyi
István Szőnyi Director of photography
Marcell Rév
Marcell Rév Director of photography
András Petróczy
András Petróczy Director of photography
Károly Markert
Károly Markert Director of photography
Zoltán Lovasi
Zoltán Lovasi Director of photography
Attila Bíró
Attila Bíró Director of photography
Vera Bohus
Vera Bohus Director of photography
István Major
István Major Producer
Gábor Krigler
Gábor Krigler Producer
Katalin Fonyó
Katalin Fonyó Producer
József Berger
József Berger Producer
Annamária Radnai
Annamária Radnai Dramaturgie

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