Of The Voice

  • 9.5 10
  • 2017
  • 81min
Of The Voice
  • Original Title: Der Klang der Stimme (2018)

This film follows four people trying to do incredible things using only their voices.

Of The Voice

AWARDS: Audience Award. Solothurn Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Athens International Film and Video Festival/ FIDBA

If The Voice. Pushing possibilities of the human voice

Of the Voice tells the story of four people pushing the realms and possibilities of the human voice.

Andreas experiments with his voice to evolve new sounds which transform him while performing. 

Just using her voice, Regula is working hard to achieve the effect of 360 degree surround sound. 

Matthias tries to understand the voice's secrets with sophisticated scientific methods. Finally, Miriam's techniques inspire people to discover their own unique voice.

Bernard Weber
Bernard Weber Director

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