My Heart Belongs To Daddy

  • 9 10
  • 2018
  • 85min
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
  • Original Title: Røverdatter

A young filmmaker films her reunion with her father, an addicted man who has just been released from prison. Through cinema and lots of black humor, father and daughter try to achieve some kind of redemption.

My Heart Belongs To Daddy

AWARDS: Best Documentary. Osloprisen/ Best Documentary. Amanda/ Honorable Mention. Gothenburg International Filmfestival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: HUMAN International Documentary Festival/ DOKFILM The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival/ NORDIC/DOCS/ Kristiansand Children’s Film Festival/ Nordic Film Days/ Noordelijk Film Festival/ Budapest International Documentary Film Festival/ Zagreb Docs/ Bergamo Film Meeting

My Heart Belongs To Daddy. A father-daughter black comedy

Sofia, a tough young director, reunites with her father. He has spent a lot of time in prison and his life is marked by addiction. His biggest sorrow is that he lost Sofia. Her biggest hope is that she can help him and repair broken bonds.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Røverdatter) is a different kind of father-daughter film about a young director’s attempts to get her criminal dad into rehab. The only way to tackle his chaotic life is with a large dose of dark humour.

Sofia Haugan
Sofia Haugan Director

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