Music a Journey For Life - Ricardo Chailly

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  • 2015
  • 53min
Music a Journey  For Life - Ricardo Chailly
  • Original Title: Music a Journey For Life - Ricardo Chailly

This is an intimate film, that explores the Italian maestro Riccardo Chailly's life, revealing his unique approach to music, his personal dynamics with musicians, and his private life.

Music a Journey  For Life - Ricardo Chailly

Music a Journey  For Life - Ricardo Chailly - Maestro, Mentor, Family Man

This Documentary is an intimate cinematic portrait of the renowned Italian maestro, Riccardo Chailly. The film offers a behind-the-scenes look into his creative process, from his meticulous work with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra to his masterful performances at La Scala in Milan and his rehearsals for La Bohème at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia. Chailly's remarkable physical and mental resilience infuses a unique, personal dynamic into his musical collaborations. Beyond his public persona, the film also unveils the private life of Chailly, a man for whom rigorous score study and quality family time are as vital as a consistent routine is not.

Paul Smaczny
Paul Smaczny Director

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