Micropubs - The New Local

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  • 2020
  • 64min
Micropubs - The New Local
  • Original Title: Micropubs - The New Local

With the motto "Keep It Small, Keep It Simple", a movement of small independent pubs is swarming in the UK to try to keep this tradition alive. But will they be able to achieve it?

Micropubs - The New Local

Micropubs - The New Local. A revolution in the UK

All across the UK, a micro revolution is happening.

As traditional pubs continue to close at astounding rates, a dedicated number of small one-room pubs are shunning all technology, encouraging real human conversation and most importantly, promoting real cask ale to their customers.

Following three ordinary, yet entrepreneurial individuals, our film follows their collective journey to unite their communities by opening their very own micropub.

James Coyne
James Coyne Director
Daniel Eycott
Daniel Eycott Director
Syd Heather
Syd Heather Director

Production Companies

Pixelform Studios

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