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Maria-Conception-Action: Hermann Nitsch

  • 0 10
  • 1969
  • Nonemin
Maria-Conception-Action: Hermann Nitsch
  • Original Title: Maria-Empfängnis-Aktion Hermann Nitsch

Since 1963, the Austrian avant-gardist Hermann Nitsch has created a series of live happening, which (like Otto Muehl's Sodoma) combine cruelty, sexuality, defilement, and visual shock for purposes of purification, and "ab-reaction" of sado- masochist impulses. This is a film record of his most controversial creation: the crucifixion of a young woman, the disembowelling of a lamb carcass, and her defilement with it. —Peter Gorsen, Sexualaesthetik, 1972

Maria-Conception-Action: Hermann Nitsch
Ed Sommer
Ed Sommer Director
Irm Sommer
Irm Sommer Director

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