Lost Bohemia

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  • 2011
  • 74min
Lost Bohemia
  • Original Title: Lost Bohemia

With exclusive access inside Carnegie Hall, filmmaker Josef Astor documents the struggle to save its historic art studios at the legendary theater that once housed Marlon Brando and Isadora Duncan.

Lost Bohemia

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: DOCNY/ Eugene International Film Festival 

Lost Bohemia. Inside Carnegie Hall

For over a century Carnegie Hall rented work-live studio spaces atop the famous music hall to artistic tenants such as Marlon Brando and Isadora Duncan. 

As a tenant with unlimited access into this little known world, the director began to videotape the lives of his neighbors whose lives intersected with decades of artistic history. 

But the project took an abrupt turn when The Carnegie Hall Corporation terminated all leases, and instigated a plan to eliminate the 115 year old artists colony put in place by Andrew Carnegie.

Josef Astor
Josef Astor Director

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