Lord Of The Toys

  • 9 10
  • 2018
  • 95min

This documentary is a portrait of the multifaceted youtuber Max "Andlersson" Herzberg, who has thousands of followers for making controversial jokes or reviewing knives and gansta rap albums.


AWARDS:  Golden Dove in the German Competition. DOK Leipzig

Lord Of The Toys. A Controversial Youtuber

The 20 year old Max “Adlersson” Herzberg, from Dresden, decided not to spend his life working.

Instead he reviews knives and other products, unboxes limited fan editions of mainly gangsta rap albums, gives talks about himself, drinks, swears and bawls in town, humiliates others, cracks controversial jokes and crosses every boundary he sees.  

Max is a YouTube creator and makes a decent living off of it. 

Production Companies

Filmakademie Baden - Württemberg

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