Lemon Seller

  • 8 10
  • 2012
  • 26min
Lemon Seller
  • Original Title: Janelle Monáe: Pynk (2018)

50 years after the death of poet Roald Mandelshtam, director Maxim Yakubson unearths the life of the artists a documents the recent discovery of a fresco found underneath his former residence.

Lemon Seller

Lemon Seller. Unearthing the life an artist

Poet Roald Mandelshtam lived in post-war Leningrad. From his childhood he suffered from tuberculosis of bone, stayed indoors and knew that his life won’t be long.

Among his guest was composer Isaak Shvarts and artists known as “Arefyev circle’ or ‘Order of begging artists’.  

50 years later fresco “Archers” painted by one of his friends was found out underneath a wallpaper in the room at communal flat…

Maxim Yakubson
Maxim Yakubson Director

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Victoria Ruban

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