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  • 2017
  • 29min

In the midst of the calm and minimalism of an African rural landscape, the days of a young volunteer aid-worker go by the process of adapting to a humble community in Burkina Faso.



Lampoko, An encounter of cultures in Burkina Faso

Between silent lightings that reveal the dark silhouettes of the trees and the slight, oscillating sound of insects in a light dawn, a new day begins for a young English girl who has come to live in Bissiga, a humble community of Burkina Faso.

The locals call her “Lampoko” and as they appreciate her stay in their locality, at the same time remain curious about the mutual exchange of knowledge that can emerge from a prompt interaction.

In one scene of this observational documentary, the locals compare their dark skins with the light skin of Lampoko while commenting on the traces left by life on their bodies. It is a metaphorical moment about diversity and the human gestures that can provoke cultural exchanges from some vestige of equity.


Kyle Petty
Kyle Petty Director

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Kyle Joseph Petty

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