Ladyboys another landscape

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  • 2017
  • 51min
Ladyboys another landscape
  • Original Title: Ladyboys another landscape

This captivating documentary explores the simple yet profound lives of a group of friends in rural Northeast Thailand, as they navigate the everyday acts of survival in their close-knit community.

Ladyboys another landscape

Ladyboys another landscape - Poignant, Simple, Universal

This poignant documentary weaves together the stories of four individuals living in the rural Isan region of Northeast Thailand. Each narrative presents a unique perspective on the simplicity and rhythm of daily life in this area. The film captures the essence of their existence, marked by routine yet essential activities – eating, sleeping, working, partying, and dreaming. It's a reflection on the universal theme of survival, highlighting the commonalities in the human experience, irrespective of geographic or cultural differences.

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Dragway Productions

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