Kiran Over Mongolia

  • 8.7 10
  • 2005
  • 52min
Kiran Over Mongolia
  • Original Title: Kiran Over Mongolia (2005)

In the midst of a mythical and beautiful Mongolian landscape, this film follows Kuma, a young Kazak man who wants to fulfill the dream of training his own eagle, just as his grandfather did in the past.

Kiran Over Mongolia

AWARDS: Best Film On Survival of Indigenous. Parnu Film Festival/ Grand Jury Prize. Tbilisi Mountain Film/ 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Dubai International Film Festival/ Avignon Film Festival/ Beeld Voor Beeld Film Festival/ Cinemambiente/ Catalonia International Film Festival/ Santa Fe Film Festival/ ECOFilms Rhodes International Film and Visual Arts Festival/ Globian's World and Culture Documentary Film Festival/ Tahoe/Reno International Film Festival/ Mount Shasta International Film festival/ Cinemambiente International Environmental Film Festival/ Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival/ Nueva Mirada Film Festival/ Spiritual Film Festival/ Avignon/New York Film Festival/ Festival des Cinémas d'Asie Vesoul/ Tiburon International Film Festival/ Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival/ Ile de France International Environmental Film Festival/ Desert Nights Film Festival/ Mediawave Festival/ Almaty International Film Festival/ Calabria International Film festival

Kiran Over Mongolia. An eagle in a world forgotten by time

Kuma, a young Kazak man, retraces the steps of his grandfather, a former eagle master, back to the remote mountainous region of Western Mongolia. There, he fulfills his dream of trapping and training his own eagle.

Under the tutelage of a local eagle master named Khairatkhan, Kuma learns not only the ways of hunting with eagles, but also the ways of his own people. The film immerses the viewer in a world forgotten by time.

The Kazaks of Mongolia have been isolated from the West by 70 years of living behind the "Iron Curtain" of Soviet communism.

Joseph Spaid
Joseph Spaid Director

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