In Search of Walt Whitman

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  • 2020
  • 174min
In Search of Walt Whitman
  • Original Title: In Search of Walt Whitman, Part One: The Early Years (1819-1860) (2020)

This independent documentary is an educational effort to make visible the life and work of the great poet Walt Whitman and how his legacy is being interpreted today.

In Search of Walt Whitman

In Search of Walt Whitman. The mystery of the American poet

This educational film tells the story of Walt Whitman’s remarkable life (1819-1892), the turbulent era in which he lived, and the timeless poetry he created. Interweaving narration and dramatic readings with captivating period music, insights from scholars, and photography filmed in key locations, this documentary brings to life Whitman’s unique character and poems. 

The film also explores the mystery of how a seemingly ordinary writer, with little education or training, could have created the literature-altering masterpiece, Leaves of Grass.

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East Rock Films

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