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  • 9 10
  • 2014
  • Nonemin
  • Original Title: Höggið

On Christmas Eve in 1986, an Icelandic cargo ship sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. Of the eleven men on board, five lived. This is the remarkable story of the heroic rescue mission that brought them home.

Þorsteinn Gunnar Bjarnason
Þorsteinn Gunnar Bjarnason Júlíus Víðir Guðnason
Stefán Björgvinsson
Stefán Björgvinsson Stefán Björgvinsson
Ingólfur Arnar Björnsson
Ingólfur Arnar Björnsson Sigurður Ölvir Bragason
Hólmsteinn Brekkan
Hólmsteinn Brekkan Sigurður L. Þorgeirsson
Emil Freyr Freysson
Emil Freyr Freysson Halldór Gunnarsson , Halldor Gunnarsson
Gunnar Friðriksson
Gunnar Friðriksson Gunnar Friðriksson
Arne Froge
Arne Froge Arne Froge
Halldór Gunnarsson
Halldór Gunnarsson Halldór Gunnarsson
Magnús Guðfinnsson
Magnús Guðfinnsson Hafsteinn Böðvarsson
Bjartur Guðmundsson
Bjartur Guðmundsson Jón Snæbjörnsson
Júlíus Víðir Guðnason
Júlíus Víðir Guðnason Júlíus Víðir Guðnason
Hafsteinn Gunnar Hafsteinsson
Hafsteinn Gunnar Hafsteinsson Hlöðver Einarsson
Kristinn Harðarson
Kristinn Harðarson Kristinn Harðarson
Björn Karlsson
Björn Karlsson Sigurður Sigurjónsson
Jan Rasmussen
Jan Rasmussen Jan Rasmussen
Ervin Shala
Ervin Shala Kristinn Harðarson

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