How to Become a Hero

  • 8.6 10
  • 2008
  • 74min
How to Become a Hero
  • Original Title: Kako postati heroj

Film director Mladen Matičević has just turned 40 and realized that he is not satisfied with his life. One day, as he is in the throes of a depression that he has been wrestling with for months, he catches the Rotterdam marathon live on TV. He comes to a decision to change his life. Despite his age and his weight of 118 kilos, he starts training with the idea to run the 2006 Belgrade marathon in its entirety – 42 kilometres.

How to Become a Hero
AWARDS: FIPRESCI Award. Bucharest Film Festival Documentary/ Audience Award. Bucharest Film Festival Documentary
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival/ IDFA/ Morelia International Film Festival/ Belgrad Filmski Festival

How to Become a Hero, from being a filmmaker to being an overnight marathon runner 

One day, filmmaking stopped being a breeding ground for Serbian director Mladen Maticevic. When he turned 40 and realized that the films he had made so far were nothing more than a fiasco, he could not think of an anything else but to sing up for a professional marathon as a way to find some meaning in life. And also, he would make a documentary about himself preparing for this challenge.

That's how "How to Become a Hero" was born, an anti-epic tale narrated, directed and starred by Maticevic himself in his attempt to become an athlete overnight. His 101 kilograms of weight, his new diet composed of a lot of soy sausages and the skepticism of his family are not things that would necessarily sheer him up, although perhaps his best friend's 1000 euros bet on his failure could be some kind of motivation for him.

The death of his mother and father during his preparation for the marathon marks a turning point in his path. But the idea of ​​leaving this world without having anything to be proud of your son is something that Maticevic ends up turning it in his favor. The start signal of the Belgrade International Marathon is about to be given. Will it be the five seconds before the starting pistol is shot the only moment of glory of Mladen Maticevic after the race ends?

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