Honest Men's Alley

  • 8 10
  • 2020
  • 25min
Honest Men's Alley
  • Original Title: Vicolo Degli Onesti

In the aftermath of the health catastrophe created by the pandemic, a group of experts support the case of Dr. Domenico De Felice, an Italian physician who has struggled all his life to improve the healthcare system.

Honest Men's Alley

Honest Men's Alley. What the pandemic taught us

This documentary feature three main testimonies: from the world of television communication (Piero Chiambretti), from the world of justice (Gherardo Colombo) and from politics (Antonello Soro).

All in support of the struggle that a doctor, Domenico De Felice, has fought and still fights to improve Italian healthcare.

Simona Calo
Simona Calo Director

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Simona Calo

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