Heroines of The Pipes

  • 8 10
  • 2020
  • 58min

How artistic and feminine can the world of pipe making be? Famous for making these historically masculine objects, Anne Julie and Manduela Riger tell us all about it.

Heroines of the pipes. A feminine art

"Pipe Makers" is a documentary about the friendship between Anne Julie and Manduela Riger Kusk, two Danish women who have found success in the male-dominated world of pipe making. 

Through their stories, we discover the little-known world of pipes, where rare and exclusive pipes are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Our dynamic duo navigates this world with ease, and their infectious charm and unparalleled talent have earned them a prestigious status among pipe makers.

Minna Grooss
Minna Grooss Director
Iben Haahr
Iben Haahr Director

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Anne Julie

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