Happy Too

  • 8.5 10
  • 2022
  • 61min
Happy Too
  • Original Title: Happy Too

This is a making-of film like you've never seen another. The documentary follows the making of a film about the rise and fall of two fierce lovers, focusing on the dynamics of its actors and the film's director.

Happy Too

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Solothurn/ Festival internazionale del film Locarno

Happy Too. A making-of like no other

In 2002 filmmaker Thomas Imbach directed the film Happiness is a Warm Gun, which premiered at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival. The film, which mixes archive, documentary and fiction footage, follows the incredible story of two lovers and their intense love affair.

In parallel to the shooting of the film, this behind-the-scenes documentary was being made. Happy Too is a look at the creative process between the two actors and the film's director.

Thomas Imbach
Thomas Imbach Director

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Thomas Imbach

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