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Handel's Messiah

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  • 2014
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Handel's Messiah
  • Original Title: Handel's Messiah

Discovered at age nine and a celebrated composer by age eighteen, George Frideric Handel experienced a meteoric rise to success, with forty-two operas performed on three continents in his lifetime. As enduring as Handel's operatic work is, the prodigious German genius is best known for his oratorio Messiah. Now you can learn in poignant detail how Handel's magnum opus came to be.

Handel's Messiah
Lee Groberg
Lee Groberg Director
Scott Swofford
Scott Swofford Executive Producer
Derek Marquis
Derek Marquis Executive Producer
Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour Narrator
Alan Mitchell
Alan Mitchell George Frederic Handel
Julianna Pirillo
Julianna Pirillo Susannah Cibber
Simon Hedger
Simon Hedger Charles Jennens
Alexander Fuchs
Alexander Fuchs Young Handel
Kirby Bolick
Kirby Bolick Robert Jennens

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