Hamac Caziim

  • 8 10
  • 2011
  • 29min

A music documentary about the punk band Hamac Cazíim, who come from an remote region of northern Mexico, fusing the modern sound world of rock music with the indigenous language and musical traditions of their Comcáac nation.

AWARDS: Best Short Film. Montreal First People Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Guadalajara Film Festival/ Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival

Hamac Caziim, Indigenous songs and heavy metal.

Hamac Caziim is a didactic short documentary about a Mexican rock band whose members are part of the indigenous Seri community, established in the desert of Sonora, in the northwest of Mexico.

The film documents the band's performance at the renowned Folklife Festival, on the grounds of the Smithsonian complex in Washington DC, where the band leader Francisco "El Indio" Molina talks about the origins, influences and aspirations of the band.

Merging songs and lyrics of the Seri language with Heavy Metal, Hamac Caziim's musical expression seeks to preserve the cultural signs of its people through contemporary music, a trend that intensifies as the Seri community receives the influences of civilization.

The documentary provides historical information about the Seri people given in interviews by American experts linked to the Folklife Festival.

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Zen Violence Films

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