Grands Travaux

  • 10 10
  • 2016
  • 101min
Grands Travaux
  • Original Title: Grands Travaux

This film portrays the youth with fewer opportunities in Brussels through a public vocational school where the students learn an occupation for their future.

Grands Travaux

AWARDS: Best Film. Working Title Film Festival/  Prix des Écrans Documentaires and Prix des lycéens. Festival Les Écrans Documentaires

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: International Film Festival Rotterdam/ Docville/ Kunstenfestivaldearts 

Grands Travaux. The lives of a Brussels youngster today

This film is set in the Institute Anneessens-Funck, a Dutch-speaking vocational school in the centre of Brussels where young students have come to learn an occupation. 

Depicting daily life within the school walls, Grands travaux also aims to sketch an image of Brussels today, placing its youngsters at the very centre.

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