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Gramsci 44

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  • 2016
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Gramsci 44
  • Original Title: Gramsci 44

Between 1926 and 1927, the Italian intellectual and Communist political figure Antonio Gramsci spent 44 days imprisoned on the island of Ustica, off the northern coast of Sicily. Together with his fellow prisoners, he founded a school. This unique institution was open to all, welcoming people of all ages and social backgrounds, even the illiterate. Ustica still remembers this revolutionary school. Ustica, remote and neglected, still waits patiently at the harbor, hoping that the boat from the mainland will come.

Gramsci 44
Emiliano Barbucci
Emiliano Barbucci Editor, Director...
Emanuele Milasi
Emanuele Milasi Writer, Production Coordinator...
Stefania Galatolo
Stefania Galatolo Makeup Artist
Maria Rosa Strano
Maria Rosa Strano Script Supervisor
Alessandro Cartosio
Alessandro Cartosio Camera Operator
Mauro Calanca
Mauro Calanca Camera Operator
Christian Gazzi
Christian Gazzi Digital Effects Producer
Sandro Rossi
Sandro Rossi Sound Editor
Danilo Romancino
Danilo Romancino Boom Operator
Luca Bertolin
Luca Bertolin Sound Mixer
Bernardo Giannone
Bernardo Giannone Assistant Director
Franz Aguglia
Franz Aguglia Hairstylist
Maria Adele Cipolla
Maria Adele Cipolla Costume Design
Giuseppe Colletti
Giuseppe Colletti Set Decoration
Daniele Ciprì
Daniele Ciprì Director of photography
Maria Milasi
Maria Milasi Executive Producer
Peppino Mazzotta
Peppino Mazzotta Antonio Gramsci
Americo Melchionda
Americo Melchionda Amadeo Bordiga
Davide Cirri
Davide Cirri Peiro Ventura
Maria Milasi
Maria Milasi Tabaccaia

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