Ghosts From The Past

  • 8.3 10
  • 2014
  • 90min
Ghosts From The Past
  • Original Title: Ghosts of Mississippi (1996)

In what we could consider a subtle psychological thriller, a kind of journey into the mysteries of a soul, Viggo confronts his origins after having become a cold criminal.

Ghosts From The Past


Ghosts of the past. The journey into the bowels of a criminal

In prison Viggo wonders why he developed from a sensitive little boy into a merciless criminal. 

He decides to give up crime for good, and immerses himself into his past to avoid making the same mistakes again. 

But his quest, undertaken with his two sisters, leads to painful confrontations with their past as, little by little, the secrets of their incestuous family and manipulative father are unravelled.

Production Companies

Windmill Film

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