Galeno, A Crafty Boy

  • 9 10
  • 2010
  • 51min
Galeno, A Crafty Boy
  • Original Title: Galeno

Only documentary filmmaking can give us a frank and warm portrait like this one, the one that the director Marcelo Diaz makes about a Brazilian plastic artist Francisco Galeno.

Galeno, A Crafty Boy


Galeno, A Crafty Boy. The life of a plastic artist

The film follows the making of Galeno's works and reveals his past on a trip to the Parnaíba Delta, in Piauí, the place of inspiration for his creations.

Galeno lives and works in Brazlândia, Federal District, since 1975. The artist attended the atelier-school of painter Moreira Azevedo and took a free course with Maria Pacca, at the Center of Creativity of the Cultural Foundation of the Federal District, under the direction of Luís Áquila.

Marcelo Diaz
Marcelo Diaz Director

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