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Fighting the Silence

  • 9 10
  • 2007
  • 53min
Fighting the Silence
  • Original Title: Fighting the Silence

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s seven year war was the deadliest ever recorded in Africa. During that time, more than 80.000 women and girls were raped. Only now that the country is formally at peace are the consequences of the brutality becoming truly visible. Rape is slowly seeping into everyday life. A young woman who tells about her rape will probably never get married. 'She will become a prostitute', her father sighs. The filmmakers meet with a condemned offender in jail, but he does not show any remorse.

Fighting the Silence
AWARDS: Best Documentary. Docupolis/ Jury Award. Bolivia Human Rights Film Festival/ 
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ Woman Inc. Festival/ Minbuza/ The Fifth International Festival Human Rights Documentary Film Days/ Amnesty International Film Festival/ London International Documentary Film Festival/ Ditshwanelo Human Rifhts Film Festival/ Beldocs/ Afrika Dag/ Al Jazeera Film Festival/ Amakula Kampala International Film Festival/ European Parliament/ Gdansk DocFilm Festival/ International Festival DerHumALC/ New Zeeland Human Rights Film Festival/ Jerusalem International Film Festival/ Cine Droit Libre Human Rights Film Festival/ Tri Continental Film Festival/ Refugee Film Festival/ Tri Continental Film Festival/ Peace and Human Rights International Film Festival/ Watch Docs Human Rights Film Festival/ Middelburg Festival of Human Rights

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