Fernandez Pratsch

  • 8 10
  • 2020
  • 29min
Fernandez Pratsch
  • Original Title: Fernandez Pratsch

After leaving Spain to escape Franco's regime, Serafin found in Berlin the possibility to be himself freely. Gay, colorful, honest, unpredictable, he says it all in this short film.

Fernandez Pratsch

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: LesGaiCineMad Madrid International LGBTI+ Film Festival/ Festival de Cine de Madrid/ 5th Berlin Revolution Film Festival/ 33 Girona Film Festival

Fernandez Pratsch. Freely Gay in Berlin

In its unorthodox prologue, this short film begins with two young gay men recounting the bureaucratic vicissitudes of getting married in Europe because they are from different countries: Spain and Germany. Finally, we are told they are able to do so in Berlin.

The same freedom that this couple achieved in this city was found several decades ago by Serafin, the true protagonist of the film. With his eccentric nature and flamboyant wardrobe, this endearing character tells us of his childhood, his free youth and his incipient old age embracing his homosexuality.

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